Our blog features three categories. The first is our weekly behind the scenes posts where readers are able to get an inside look at what it is we do here at Whispering Wick. Not only do you get to see the ins and outs of running a small chapbook press, but our team members also provide personal insight on their daily tasks such as the editorial process, the difficulties of design, what it means to run a business, social media, and the ups and downs of handmaking each and every chapbook we publish. Moreover, we feature insider looks on the author-publisher and author-editor relationship that most may not know much about. Disclaimer: All individuals mentioned in our behind the scenes blogs have previously given consent and have reviewed their inclusions.

Our second category is that of literary reviews written by our very own Website Content Creator, Faizal Eidoo. In these posts, Faizal selects literary magazines, zines, contests, chapbooks, collections, events, and more for review, often touching on the community each literary related subject matter creates. Faizal's main focus is on what it brings to the table for the literary community as a whole and how it helps develop and embellish it.

Last, our "Author Spotlight" category contains any posts that are about our authors and their wonderful chapbooks. At Whispering Wick, we always want opportunities to show off our talented authors, and this is the place where we do that.