A Reading With Rami Obeid

Rami Obeid, author of Marooned on The Shores of Malaise, shares some poems from his chapbook.

Poetry often comes to life with our words. In listening to poetry, especially when we get to hear a poem the way the author intends for us to, the words take on a new shape. Whispering Wick is so excited to be able to share a selection of poems from Marooned on The Shores of Malaise, read by the author himself, Rami Obeid.

In the video below, Rami reads "The Garbage and The Rose", "The Cheque Was Late", and "My Bedsheets are Finally Clean."

All three of these poems are collected in Marooned on The Shores of Malaise, "a collection of poetry primarily based around author Rami Obeid's experience in low income neighborhoods and housing. Many of the poems also take inspiration from his dreams and experiences with mental health."

The chapbook is available for purchase in our bookstore, and Whispering Wick now ships to both Canada and the US.

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