Wicks That Whisper: A Great Thanks To All

Week 10

Image from the film Jules et Jim (1962)

As weeks have gone by, we are finally in the homestretch for our December print run. Rami’s chapbook is in the middle of being printed, Jack’s is nearing the final edits and should be ready to print either Monday or Tuesday of next week and soon all that will be left is to ship out orders. With this print run soon being finished it also means that our team at Whispering Wick will be heading into our final semester of our Creative Writing & Publishing program before we all graduate. This also means that for the winter season we will have to go on a bit of a hiatus. Please do not fear though as we have a schedule being worked out in order to continue providing content during the months of our absence and we will be returning in spring for more future print runs. This is not the end of Whispering Wick friends.

While we are away, our readers, authors, fellow publishers, and the rest of the community we are a part of will continue to receive content from our team. Our website content creator, Faizal, will continue to post reviews that keep readers engaged and up to date on the literary community and other communities as well. Community is what we strive for at Whispering Wick and we believe that Faizal’s work is extremely important to helping us connect to others and help support them. As for our social media accounts, they too will continue to stay active, providing insight into our authors, literary events, social holidays, and more. Just because we are finalizing our graduation, doesn’t mean we plan to leave our community in the dark! We also have some fun things being planned for the future after our return so please keep in touch with us so you don’t miss out.

As for the current printing process, due to COVID, our original process, like that of every other business, has had to change. Originally, our production manager David, would make his way to Tamara’s, our manager and founder, home and help her with printing, puncturing, and sewing the books we provide our customers, however as the numbers of positive COVID cases has increased in the past months, Tamara has had to shoulder this month’s printing on her own. Well not entirely that is, as her blessing of a father has been kind enough to offer his help. This wonderful man, who has supported our company from the start, stepped forward with more than a little excitement to jump into the action and help handmake our products firsthand. Our team is forever indebted to him for his help during this difficult time and for his overall support. It isn’t only him though that we would like to thank, but all those who helped fund this company, who read our blogs, who purchased our books, who offered to be and who are our mentors, who follow us on social media, and to any and all those who have offered any type of support during our journey and to those who will continue to do so. We are forever thankful to you all.

And finally, please enjoy Nate's dad joke:

Which reindeer loves cleaning? Comet.
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